Prof. Dr. Rudolf Berrendorf


Next-Generation Reservoir Simulation

Topic: Optimization of Operations on Sparse Matrices for Future Computer Architectures, in particular accelerators
Project Funding: international industrial company
Duration: 2014-2017
contact person: Prof. Dr. Rudolf Berrendorf
project partner: international industrial company


The simulation of oil or gas reservoirs requires compute-intensive simulation methods. That part of such a simulation that consumes most of the compute time is the repeated solution of very large linear systems. The matrix of such a linear system has a special structure: it is a sparse matrix.
In this project selected compute intensive operations on sparse matrices are optized for future parallel computer architectures. In particular accelerators like graphic processors and the Xeon Phi processor family are of interest. One of the operations of interest ist the multiplication of a sparse matrix with a (dense) vector.

Prof. Dr. Rudolf Berrendorf