Prof. Dr. Rudolf Berrendorf

Parallel Systems (SS 05)


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Students give a 30 minute presentation incl. discussion on a special topic on parallel I/O. Deadline for an outline of the presentation is 24.05.2005. The final elaboration (paper of approx. 10 pages) must be submitted electronically not later than 3 days before the presentation.
Topic Paper(s) Date Presenter Elaboration
ROMIO link 21.06.2005 Seidel here
Lustre link 21.06.2005 Pelzer, Tersteegen here
GPFS link 21.06.2005 Ghebre, Rommel here
PVFS I link 21.06.2005 Adam, Staron here
Optimizations for PVFS I paper 1 , paper 2 21.06.2005 Lau, Wever here
PVFS II link 21.06.2005 Krause, Napelyani here
Clusterfile link 28.06.2005 Müller, Quadt here
RIO paper 28.06.2005 Leuschen, Schmitz here
RFS link , paper 28.06.2005 Vedder here
Access Behaviour I paper 28.06.2005 Manke, Reyes here
Access Behaviour II link , paper 28.06.2005 Pöpping here
High Level Buffering link , paper 28.06.2005 Schwanenberg, Zilken here
Multicollective IO paper 05.07.2005 Demir, Vieth here

Prof. Dr. Rudolf Berrendorf