Prof. Dr. Rudolf Berrendorf

Parallel Systems (WS 08/09)

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Topic Assignment supplement points given out to deliver
Parallel programming assignment 1 code 20 21.10.2008 04.11.2008
Benchmarks assignment 2 - 20 28.10.2008 09.12.2008
Tools assignment 3 - 20 04.11.2008 18.11.2008
Cache assignment 4 result plots 10 18.11.2008 02.12.2008
Transformations assignment 5 code 10 02.12.2008 06.01.2009
Loop Scheduling assignment 6 code 15 06.01.2009 20.01.2009
Graph Partitioning assignment 7 code 0 13.01.2009 27.01.2009

Assignment of students to benchmarks (assignment 2):
Benchmark systems compiler assigned to flyer
dhrystone, whetstone wr0, wr1, wr7, compute.parlab Intel T. Vehrkamp Flyer
Stream wr0, wr1, wr7, compute.parlab Intel F. Hoffmann Flyer
LMBench3 wr0, wr1 Intel A. Biegel Flyer
LMBench3 wr7, compute.parlab Intel I. Ouecht TBD
Livermore Loops wr0, wr1, wr7, compute.parlab Intel A. Neufeld Flyer
Livermore Loops wr0, wr1, wr7, compute.parlab GNU B. Assakou TBD
SPEC CPU2006 wr0 Intel J. Xie Flyer
SPEC CPU2006 wr0 GNU F. Natter Flyer
SPEC CPU2006 wr6 Intel M. Cavus Flyer
SPEC CPU2006 compute.parlab Intel N. Ziegenhals Flyer
HPL 2.0 WR-Cluster Intel C. Hornschuh Flyer
IMB WR-Cluster Intel C. Zimmermann TBD
NPB serial wr0, wr1 Intel M. Schneider Flyer
NPB serial wr7, compute.parlab Intel S. Seele Flyer
NPB OpenMP wr0 Intel M. Neumann Flyer
NPB OpenMP laboratory Intel M. Schlösser Flyer
NPB MPI WR-Cluster Intel K. Ruschenburg Flyer

Prof. Dr. Rudolf Berrendorf